• RaiblocksMC V2

    Hi everyone, today is the big update day! RaiblocksMC 2.0 is finally here ! What's new in this update ? After weeks of hard labor to refactor the whole code of the server from Java to Kotlin in order to improve : The server performance Mainten...

  • RaiblocksMC is born

      I am thrilled to announce the release of our teams last months of work. Indeed you have read the title correctly, it's with a great honor that we are releasing the first Minecraft server offering a working Nano implementation.   RaiblocksMC...

What is Nano (XNO) ?

Nano is the currency of the RaiblocksMC server.

Nano is a green, instant & feeless cryptocurrency accessible to everyone.

It is also decentralized, secure & efficient, making it the perfect form of money.


Play vanilla with your friends and have fun.

Earn Nano

Earn nano by fighting in the Pvp world, finding hidden treasures and selling items to other players.

Send / Withdraw

Send or Withdraw from your In-Game wallet instantly and without fees.