RaiblocksMC is born

RaiblocksMC is born


I am thrilled to announce the release of our teams last months of work.

Indeed you have read the title correctly, it's with a great honor that we are releasing the first Minecraft server offering a working Nano implementation.



r/nanocurrency - Raiblocks MC | Nano Minecraft Server

We created a Minecraft server implementing Nano transactions to showcase Nano's unmatched properties, making it the best cryptocurrency for an in-game use.

We developed a custom built Minecraft plugin allowing us to create a custodial Nano account for each players joining our server seamlessly. The account is then linked to the player UUID (Minecraft identification system) in addition to a secret password that allow us to create a secure and painless in-game crypto experience.

A little bit more info about the server, RaiblocksMC is a basic survival Minecraft server built for the Nano community to have a place to meet & spend some time together around a passion we all have in common "Decentralised Cryptocurrency" & Minecraft.

  • Which Nano enabled features does the server support ?

    • Receive Send

    • In-Game Reward : Few lucky winners are selected every hour (active players only)

    • Tip features : Every player can Rains others players & create Giveaways

    • In-game Faucet

    • Plots claiming : Plots have a purchase price and a rent system ( The plots rent is collected every Saturday )

    • and more to come !


Do not hesitate if you have any question or feature requests ( #features-request on discord ).
We'll happily answer them, see you in-game !

Posted on October 3, 2021 by Pride