RaiblocksMC V2

RaiblocksMC V2

Hi everyone, today is the big update day! RaiblocksMC 2.0 is finally here ! :raiblocks_mc:

What's new in this update ?

After weeks of hard labor to refactor the whole code of the server from Java to Kotlin in order to improve :

  1. The server performance
  2. Maintenance of the project
  3. Ease of adding new features

I'm glad to say that is finally done !

In short what has changed :

  • Brand new discord bot ! You can now link your In-Game account to your discord. Allowing you to :
    • View your balance
    • Send funds
    • Receive custom notifications (Items sold in your shop, Nano received, Rents paid etc)
    • The discord bot can also now generate graphs to visualize the prices of items purchased by players
      r/nanocurrency - RaiblocksMC V2 | Nano Minecraft Server
      r/nanocurrency - RaiblocksMC V2 | Nano Minecraft Server
  • A Market command to access In-Game all the items sold in players shops
  • A brand new website with a Wiki: https://raiblocksmc.com/ (Please go read it)
  • A new domain name to directly access the server: raiblocksmc-play.com
  • And last but not least, we switched to the latest Minecraft update: 1.18.2 
    r/nanocurrency - RaiblocksMC V2 | Nano Minecraft Server

Posted on April 3, 2022 by Pride