Discord Bot

Discord Bot

Why should you link your account ? 

To access your In-Game account directly on discord through the bot.

To receive server notifications on Discord with custom messages sent by the RaiblocksMC Bot

  • Transaction received notifications
  • Shop sales notifications
  • Plots evictions
  • and more...


How to Link your account ? 

You'll need to join our discord first. After that you'll be able to either 

Right Click on the bot -> Apps -> Link your account                           


Or use the /verify command on discord


Next Step

Once that's done, you should receive a message asking you to enter a command directly on the RaiblocksMC Minecraft server.


After doing that, your account should be linked and verified !

Once verified, you should be able to access access all the Discord Bot features through either DM or directly on the RaiblocksMC Discord server.

Use /help command or Right click on the Bot -> Apps -> Display help to get started


Displaying an Item prices chart


Displaying your balance



If you want to stop receiving account related notifications you will need to unlink your account.

To do so, simply log in the game server and use the /discord unlink command.


You will still be able to re-link your account later.