Nano Commands

Nano Commands

Accessing your account

A Nano account is automatically created when first joining the server.

You can view your account address & Qr code by using the /nano account command.

You can also click the link in the chat to view your account on NanoLooker.


Viewing your balance

You can view your current account balance by simply using the /nano balance command.


Crediting your account

To start playing with Nano on the server you'll need a small amount. You can receive your first transactions to test everything by using an online faucet such as

by typing in the website your In-Game account address (pro-tip: You can copy your address directly on NanoLooker).

Or simply by using the server faucet by typing the following command : /nano faucet

Sending from your In-Game account

You can basically send any amount above 0.0001 XNO by using one of either commands : 

Sending a specific amount

- /nano send *amount* *playerName* eg : /nano send 0.01 Pride

- /nano send *amount* *address* eg : /nano send 0.01 nano_3tbnyszti1pmep47cajdgq1ae9kz8hjfms1ehfnkudg5an1k79dfdyi4kms5

Sending all your balance 

- /nano sendall *playerName* eg : /nano sendall 0.01 Pride

- /nano sendall *address* eg : /nano sendall 0.01 nano_3tbnyszti1pmep47cajdgq1ae9kz8hjfms1ehfnkudg5an1k79dfdyi4kms5


Checking your transaction online

After using one of those command you should see something like this in your chat :

You'll then able to click on the link to access the transaction online on NanoLooker

Displaying your transactions

To display your last transactions you can use the /nano transactions command, here is the output : 


By default, only 4 transactions are displayed by page.

To display the next page of transactions simply use the same command with an additionnal page parameter : /nano transactions 2

What are giveaways ? 

Giveaways are a nice way to reward one player online with Nano.

The winner is randomly selected amongst the giveaway participants.

How to create a giveaway ? 

Simply just use the /nano giveaway *amount* command.

A random winner between the participants will be rewarded with the Nano after 5 minutes.

What are rains ? 

Rains like giveaways are a nice way to reward online players, except that all online players are rewarded.

The amount given in the rain is splitted amognst the online players.

How to rain ? 

Simply just use the /nano rain *amount* command.

All the online players will receive a part of the amount.

More nano related commands 

/nano donate *amount* -> Make a donation to the server.

/nano price -> Display the current Nano price on the server