Plots & Rents

Plots & Rents

A plot is either one single chunk that has been claimed by a player or multiple chunks (aka as land).

Claiming a plot will allow you to protect this chunk as long as you'll be the owner of the plot.

Only you will be able to edit blocks, open chest, interact with doors, buttons etc in this area.

Ex of a plot :

They are two categories of plots

  • Cities plots
  • Wild plots

There is currently two cities in RaiblocksMC

  • Redstonia (Basic World)
  • Fearpolis (Pvp World)

Plots in the cities are already created and have a set price, to check their prices, simply move inside the plot.


You first plot in the wild is FREE, after claiming your first free plot, plots will be charged 0.1 Nano.

Expanding an already claimed plot (into a land) with another chunk will cost you the following : number_of_plots_in_land * 0.1 Nano

So if you have one plot and you want to expand with another plot , the additionnal plot will cost you 0.1 Nano.

Now you want to expand your 2 plots land, the additionnal plot will cost you 0.2 Nano, etc...

A message containing the price of the expandable plot will be displayed when moving over it.


Only cities plots have a rents, wild plots are free of rents.

When are cities plots rents collected ?

Every Saturday of the week, time is random.

What happens if I don't have enough to pay for the rent ?

You'll be asked to pay for the missed rent either through Discord or directly In-Game at your first reconnection.

After two consecutive missed rent you'll be evicted from your plot.

  • If your plot is in the wild, the protection will be lifted and everyone will be able to access it.
  • If your plot in in the city, your plot will still be protected but open for everyone to purchase.

Claiming a Chunk

To claim a plot simply stand over the wanted chunk and type in the following command :  /plot claim my_plot_name

To know what the delimitation of the chunk looks like you can press F3 + G, to view all the chunks near you.


Un-Claiming a Chunk

To un-claim a chunk, you'll simply need to stand over it and type the following command : /plot unClaim

un-claiming a chunk will not refund you ! It will only stop rents from being collected if this is a city plot.

Adding a member

Simply use the following command : /plot addMember member1 member2 etc

Removing a member

Simply use the following command : /plot remMember member1 member2 etc

Setting the spawn

To set the spawn of a plot, simply stand over the wanted location and type in the following command : /plot setSpawn

Teleporting to the spawn

Once you have set the spawn of your plot, you can simply use the following command : /plot spawn my_plot_name

Listing server plots

Simply just use the following command : /plot

Listing your plots

Simply just use the following command : /plot list