The store is an interface between the player who wants to sell his items and the player who wants to purchase an item.

The store contains items priced in Nano only.

Creating your Store

First off, you can only create a store inside one of your plots.

To create a store, you'll need to place a chest at the wanted location, then at the same time you're looking at it type in the following command : /shop create myshop


Removing a Store

You can remove a store by enabling the store delete mode : /shop delete 

And by left clicking on the wanted store.

Adding an Item

To do so, simply hold the wanted item stack in your hand and type in the following command : /shop add shop_name item_price_in_nano

The price parameter is the price of each item of the stack, not the price of the whole stack. 


Removing an Item

To remove an item you'll need to list your shop items.

To do so, first list your shops using following command : /shop list

Then click on the "Click here : View x items"

And then simply click on the "Click here : Remove" to remove the wanted item from the shop.

To rename a store, simply type in the following command : /shop rename shop_name new_shop_name

To view your store transactions simply use the following command : /shop transactions newshopname